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Remote speaking power – How to best use the opportunities of being an online speaker – interview with Alan Stevens

We are all remote speakers now, and we will be for many years to come. Adap...

Gain credibility as a speaker – How to use LinkedIn to gain international speaking gigs – interview with Shelley Hutchinson

The question every speaker asks themselves is, “How can I quickly gain cr...

Nothing new, everything different… Fewer than 3% of speaker websites make the grade – interview with Chris Davidson

Since 2017 the Worldwide Speakers Digital Footprint Survey has been reporti...

The power of voice – How you excite your audience with your voice and stand out – interview with Danja Bauer

You want to know more about the magic of voice and what makes your voice ir...

Speaker wealth – How to think your way to prosperity – interview with Ellen Rogin

The world is going through unprecedented challenges and changes, especially...

How to prepare business stories that sell – interview with Eksteen De Waal

We are often told what a story should and shouldn’t be, its structure, it...

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