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PDF REVEALS: The Speak to Scale Map 

50 Ways to Use Your Speaking to Grow & Scale Your Business

(even when you are just starting to speak)


What this Speak to Scale Map will teach you...

50 Ways to Use Speaking to Grow & Scale Your Business
that even established speakers often miss and that you can use to MASSIVELY...

Boost Your Reputation to become a CELEBRATED SPEAKER and THOUGHT LEADER

Grow your network & strengthen your connections to open new you doors you didn't even know existed

Grow your list of potential clients, and learn how you convert them

Turn Speaking into Earning by creating additional income streams

Multiply your number of stage time opportunities

Here's what Top Leaders that worked with us are saying...

Monique is a transformative force. She helped me transform from self-doubt to confidence in my product and understand what value I bring as an entrepreneur who has been through it all with her guidance, support system & fantastic community.
Jay Mandel, US
Monique’s insightful methodology has really helped me clarify my speaking message and strategy and has resulted in a clearer intention to take my speaking to a new level which is already bearing fruit. If you are looking to launch your speaking career and join a global community, I can highly recommend you connect with her.
Bev, South Africa
Monique's wonderful, insightful and relevant advice got me unstuck when I was facing a difficult challenge in my companies on the way forward. She could pinpoint with clarity the areas I need to focus on to grow and scale my companies in a sustainable way. I highly recommend her.
Brandt, Namibia

About the author

Monique is an award-winning international speaker and business mentor for visionary entrepreneurs who want to boost their visibility, scale their business & impact the world. Her mantra is Speak up. Scale up. Impact the World.  

She has helped hundreds of clients with her Voice to Millions Framework from more than 50 countries go pro with their speaking and to double, triple and even quadruple their income. Combining her passion for business with her love for speaking, she helps entrepreneurs and experts use their voice as a golden key to success.

If you are brave to jump in, Monique and the whole the HeartPowered Business team will help you build and spread your wings, as a speaker, entrepreneur and movement maker. Get ready to spread your message to millions and enjoy the freedom to travel the world while speaking and growing your lifestyle-friendly legacy business.

You build your bridge from hidden gem to Outstanding Thought Leader when you are fully committed. Are you?

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