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Hi, I'm Monique and at HeartPowered Business we help you to amplify your

Speaking Income Impact

Why I do this work

I believe you have an inspiring story to tell and a powerful message to share. Once you’ve discovered your unique story and message, you can package it into products and services and sell them around the world, so you build a lifestyle business that is scalable and you are not just selling your time anymore. You get well paid to create speeches and products that touch hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives. You have the freedom to travel the world… speaking and doing what you love most while making a massive impact. There is a new CELEBRATED SPEAKER, THOUGHT LEADER and HEARTPOWERED EAGLE in the world… and it’s YOU! You don’t just build a business. You build a legacy!
And when we inspire and empower 10.000 HeartPowered Eagles like you and each of us touches 10.000 lives, we’ll make a massive impact in the lives of a 100 Million people, TOGETHER! Ready? Join us!

Monique Blokzyl

How I work

My clients say that I’m the embodiment of love and at the same time laser-sharp when it comes to creating results. They appreciate that we have created a proven framework called Voice to Millions they can use to fast-track their speaking and to grow and scale their legacy businesses.

Who I am… A glimpse into my story

When I grew up in Eastern Germany and throughout my life, I often felt overheard by my parents, by teachers and professors, and later by some colleagues and bosses even when I was leading global teams in big corporates. And then there were these moments when I realized that my voice truly matters and that I – and each and every one of us – can change hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives… one person, one audience, one nation at a time. I went from being an overheard Eastern German girl to becoming an award-winning international speaker and business mentor for visionary entrepreneurs who want to boost their visibility, scale their legacy businesses and impact the world. My mantra today is Speak up. Scale up. Impact the World! And it’s not about me, but all about YOU!

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

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