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Income Visibility Impact

Business Scale Track

Being excellent in what you do is not enough to build a successful business.

What’s the point in being brilliant when no one knows it?

Have you seen others – some not even as good as you – earn much higher fees, just because they sold themselves better?
Your business success does not only depend on delivering the best, but on your ability to reach, excite and convince the people you love working with most. And you want to build a solid foundation not only for your marketing, but for your whole business.
There are so many coaches, speakers and experts that play too small for too long. And today more than ever, we need more entrepreneurs that are courageous enough to build a business that creates real impact.
That is why Monique guides you on your HeartPowered Business Scale Journey to package your unique message into products and services that you can sell around the world, create an outstanding brand and market presence, and earn a consistent income that provides greater choices in your business, and life.

Have you ever wondered about how to make more people buy from you? Have you ever needed a coach that "cuts the crap" and goes directly into what matters most to be successful? Monique is one of those rare persons that are able to combine heart-based leadership and steel hard business attitude into something you immediately understand is good for you. I will wholeheartedly recommend her as coach and trainer if you want to thrive in your business.

The 8 Scale Activators

these are the activators that predictably grow your visibility, income and impact:

Your Success Mindset

Get crystal clear on the business and lifestyle you love to build, define goals that excite you and think like an entrepreneur to give you and your business wings.

Your Sales Mastery

Gain new high-fee clients with ease by using our step-by-step method of qualifying prospects, enjoying sales conversations, and closing deals.

Your Irresistible Offer

Stop just selling your time by turning your 1-to-1 offer into group programs, so you work with more clients, you earn more and you free up your time.

Your Rockstar Team

Start building your dream team to free up your time for tasks that you love doing, that you are brilliant at and that contribute most to your business success.

Your Powerful Voice

Turn your unique story and wisdom into marketing messages that make you the #1 choice for your best clients and that secure you prestigious speaking gigs.

Your Business Management

Manage your business and finances in a way that provides a solid cash flow and the freedom you dreamt of when you started your business in the first place.

Your Magnetic Marketing

Implement marketing initiatives that you love and that consistently attract and grow your audience of ideal customers eager to follow your lead and to buy from you.

Your Freedom Lifestyle

Don’t choose between money and freedom, implement our success cycle framework to grow your business while enjoying health, relationships, and life.

When I joined the program, I was pretty much at the end of my rope with what to do next, new ideas and strategies how to move forward. After we started, I was amazed how quickly I could make positive changes in the day to day running of my business and I found hope again. It’s really working! I also love the group atmosphere and support and consultation. And working with Monique is like having a personal business angel by your side, she really cares. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to start a business or take their business to the next level.


this is why our clients love working with us and why they get such amazing results:

Your Business Roadmap

In our 60-minute 1on1 strategy session we create your roadmap on how to reach your financial and business objectives in the upcoming year.

Pro Speaker Launch Bonus

Discover your unique message to stand out, craft an impactful speech that sells, learn how to get paid to speak, and attract more of your best clients.

Practical training sessions

Our proven framework including easy-to-implement methods, how-to guides, and tools to turn overwhelm and confusion into focused action that get you results.

Thought Leader Circle

Discover how to keep fine-tuning your speeches and to secure more prestigious speaking gigs in our monthly Speaking Booster and Speech Practice Sessions.

High-vibe clarity sessions

Get your critical questions answered, gain clarity on your best next steps and feel the vibe of your tribe, so you feel excited to move forward with ease and flow.

Your Accountability Buddy

Meet your ‘new best friend’ and be each other's mirror of your brilliance and the gentle nudge to stay focused and to make great progress, week by week.

Mastermind Deep Dives

We celebrate your successes and explore how you significantly step up in the following month. And yes, we discuss how you can actively grow your income, too.

Your HeartPowered Tribe

Replace the loneliness of growing your business on your own with the unconditional love of your peers who get you and who cheer you on.

Don´t waste your time thinking about it. Just take the plunge. Monique is the best person for you and your business. She is gentle, patient and at the same time tough as nails, when it comes to keeping you on your track to success. And at the same time, you have a friend for life with her.

This is not for you, if you...

This is for you, if you...

The feeling that I got after the completion of the program was WOW!! I would highly recommend Monique to anyone who is looking for finding their way through to becoming an entrepreneur.

Now picture yourself at the end of your year with us, over the last 12 months you have...

Imagine for a moment...

What would your business and life be like after having implemented our Business Growth Activators and you finally make the income and impact you wanted when starting your business?

Let me ask you a question...

Do you have a clear roadmap, a support team and mentor on your side? If not, let's talk! We love to get to know you and your situation and to find out if we are a great fit.

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