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Speaker brand to profit: the magic is you – interview with Jay Mandel

You know you have a unique message that can touch many lives. And still, th...

Media power – Get media savvy to maximize your exposure – interview with Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Nobody becomes actively public in the media by accident. It’s really impo...

High paid speaking gigs – interview with Lovelda Vincenzi

Show me the money: How to stop chasing gigs and start attracting the well-p...

Excel under spotlight pressure – interview with Gido Schimanski

How you give your best performance and make the greatest impact no matter h...

Powerful personal branding with LinkedIn – interview with Lavinia Thanapathy

You know you need it. You started. But you don’t really know what you are...

The humor game – how you use humor authentically in speaking and in business – interview with Mylgia van Uytrecht

How to recognize, activate and use your own sense of humor Mylgia used to b...

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