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How to use Apps to boost your reach and sales as a speaker and expert entrepreneur – Community Call with Robert Evans

Did you know that mobile apps are the most engaging tool in the world, yet 98% of new and professional speakers do not have an app that they can use in their talks to capture, engage and serve their audience beyond the talk?

Robert is an expert at helping speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs move into and leverage the world that exists on peoples phones – mobile apps. If you’ve wondered what it takes and whether it makes sense for you to have your own mobile app, you’ll be crystal clear after this talk. You’ll quickly understand why apps are a must have marketing and engagement tool for all speakers, and what’s most important to know about this powerful platform, so you don’t waste time and money launching an app that won’t work for you.

If you want to discover how Robert helps experts in making the move to the app world, then join us at our HeartPowered Speaking community call. Robert will share his personal experiences on how to:

⭐ Use an app to increase your engagement by 300% to 1,000% than any other engagement tool out there 
⭐ Use an app to deliver your talks, share your content, deliver your programs and courses and provide one single platform for your current and potential clients to experience your entire business world
⭐ Use this engagement and this all-in-one platform to convert your users to paying clients and monetize your talks in new and proven ways.

You want to know more about Robert upfront? Here you go…

Robert Evans

Robert Evans is the Co-Founder of ACTIONERA and a 20+ year digital marketing entrepreneur.

Over the past 20 years the companies Robert created have shipped over a million products, built communities exceeding 130k people from around the world, generated millions of dollars, impacted tens of thousands of people, and trained everyday people to step into their role as a "messenger" to create the biggest ripple of change in the world through their passion and work.

Now, through ACTIONERA, Robert is designing technologies that help experts, authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs build bigger lists, engage with more people and make more money than ever before.


You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact?
But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right? 


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You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact? But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right?  

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