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Your Powerful Speaker Showreel to Magnetize Your Best Clients – A Community Call with Nathan Shooter

Ever wondered how to produce a cinematic speaker showreel that attracts the clients who need your message most? Get ready to discover the practical approach firsthand with our upcoming HeartPowered Speaking Community Call with Nathan Shooter, International Speaker & The ‘Make Ideas Matter’ Strategist

Speaker Showreels are an essential weapon in your Speaker marketing strategy. But it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. If you want to get ready to produce your first or next speaker showreel, make sure to watch the recording for this exclusive event with Brand & Marketing Star Strategist Nathan Shooter. 

Learn how to crack the Showreel code and feel confident about your script, footage, branding, and real-world solutions if you don’t have enough stage footage. 

Your message matters! Now is the time to increase your impact by growing your speaking business with a Blockbuster Speaker Showreel!

During this session, you’ll discover how to: 

1️⃣ Think like a scriptwriter, to get clear on which content to include. 

2️⃣ Think like a director, to expertly curate footage and find solutions when you don’t have enough. 

3️⃣ Think like an editor, to feel confident in bringing it all together in a memorable brand experience.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your speaking career to new heights. 

Nathan Shooter

Nathan is on a mission to ‘Make Ideas Matter’.

He’s a brand strategist, corporate filmmaker and international speaker who believes in the power of ideas. Why? Because ideas change people, and people change the world.

Nathan works with business leaders around the world, helping them shift from confusion to clarity, feeling confident to create easy to understand brands that have deep impact and broad influence.

He’s also known as the Sneaker Speaker, striding the stage with signature high-top sneakers! Nathan serves on business boards and is the founder of the Australian start-up, Whiskano Coffee.

International bestselling author with 4 published books, she is making her mark as an influential figure in media across Brazil, UAE, India, Asia, US, and Europe.


You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact?
But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right? 


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You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact? But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right?  

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