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Three Brain Hacks to Become a Top Speaker — A Community Call with Jana Green

Ever wondered what sets apart the truly magnetic Top Speakers from the rest? It’s not just about delivering your great message; it’s about showing up as the Top Speaker that you want to be consistently, on stage and beyond.

At our HeartPowered Speaking Event, we’re sharing with you what exactly sets you apart as an outstanding speaker. You will walk away with a roadmap of how you develop a crystal clear vision of the top speaker that you want to be.

You are not there yet? You are not landing the most prestigious speaking opportunities or you are not paid yet what you deserve?  In this session, we’ll get you ready to take everything out of the way that might be blocking you today from fulfilling your greatest speaking ambitions. And finally, we’ll share with you three concrete brain hacks you can apply right away to take a massive leap forward with your speaking business.

Ready to dive in? Jana shared her personal journey and insights, revealing how you can:
🌟 Develop your crystal clear vision of the top speaker you want to be
🚀 Remove everything that blocks you from becoming that top speaker
💪 Quantum leap your confidence levels
🧠 Three Brain Hacks to transform into this top speaker attracting success with ease and joy
👏 Ensure your audience can’t get enough of you

Jana Green

Success Coach | Thought Leader | Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur

Jana Green is an international Success Coach & Mentor specializing in the application of science-based success systems and thought and behavioural modification into personal lives and business growth. Jana has been featured in CNN, international magazines and she is a published book author. She has also been a part of an expert panel in the USA with some of the world’s coaching royalty. Her speeches are watched in 90 countries around the world. She has extensive experience successfully coaching and mentoring thousands of clients around the world including international VIPs and transforming their health, relationships, businesses, finance and much more. Jana also runs international “Program Yourself To Be A Winner” program and started “I am brilliant” world movement to give people the confidence to get what they want and understand their own amazing value.


You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact?
But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right? 


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You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact? But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right?  

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