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Creating Your Impactful Brand Story – Interview with Bernadette Jiwa

We are living in a loud, crowded world today. We are receiving an overwhelming offer of any imaginable product every single day. It has become very easy to sell our products to clients all over the globe. At the same time, it has become harder than ever to stand out. Branding has become an existential necessity for entrepreneurs!

The question is: How do you stand out? How do you secure your competitive advantage that no one can easily copy or steal overnight? Bernadette Jiwa, a worldwide leading brand story strategist has some answers for you.

In this interview, you will discover:
— What the first questions are you need to ask when defining your brand strategy
— How you can use Bernadette’s story strategy blueprint to make your brand stand out 
— What makes a story great
— Why caring for your customers will make your ideas fly 
— What the most overlooked rule of pitching is 

Intrigued? Let’s dive in!


About Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette Jiwa is a worldwide leading business author and brand story strategist. She works with entrepreneurs, passionate companies and visionary business leaders, helping them to bring meaning into their brand so that they can be more than a replaceable commodity. Bernadette helps them to stand out in today’s noisy, crowded marketplace by honing their position and showing them how to communicate their difference through their brand story. She also creates unforgettable brand names, product names and book titles. Bernadette is the author of #1 Amazon Bestseller Make Your Idea Matter. Her latest book Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly is already highly recommended by leading Marketing experts.

Her blog was voted Best Australian Business Blog 2012. She developed the marketing model The Fortune Cookie Principle™ and she spoke about this and the secret to spreading ideas at TEDxPerth. Bernadette Jiwa has been named as one of The Top 100 Branding Experts To Follow On Twitter.

She’s also worked with “the world’s greatest marketer” and bestselling author Seth Godin on the ‘Big Book’ that was one of the rewards in Seth’s Kickstarter campaign.


You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact?
But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right? 


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You are ready to speak up, scale up and make a bigger impact? But you’re not sure what steps to take next, right?  

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