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Turn Words Into Wealth:
Master the Art of Getting Paid to Speak

30 July 2024 at 5 PM CEST

Are you ready to uncover the secrets to
becoming a highly sought-after speaker, gracefully commanding fees that are
10x higher
than your industry average?

Get ready to speak up and boost your income and impact fast!


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What to expect...

Uncover Hidden Opportunities‚Äč

Learn how to identify lucrative speaking opportunities that others might overlook. The key is knowing where to look and what to look for.

Expand Your Reach

It’s not just about speaking on stage; it’s about extending your influence beyond the spotlight. Monique will show you how to leverage your speaking engagements for maximum impact.

Maximize Your Worth

Discover the secrets to negotiating fees that are not just higher but 10 times greater than what others in your industry are charging. Say goodbye to small speaking fees forever.

Skyrocket Your Income

Our clients have achieved remarkable results, doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling their annual income through speaking. You’ll gain insights into the strategies that have made this possible.

“Monique gives so much valuable information, well worth more than 10 times what she charges! If you want concrete, detailed ways to improve your business, help more people, and make more money in the process, I highly encourage you to take¬† every course she offers!”

– Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant & Talk Radio Executive Producer

Charge 10X Your Industry Average As A Speaker
On Stage & Beyond

In the world of public speaking, there’s more to it than simply delivering a message. It’s also about knowing how to monetize your message effectively. Many aspiring speakers struggle to break through the barriers and make a substantial income doing what they love.

But what if we told you that there’s a proven method to not only earn twice the standard speaking fee but also multiply your annual income through speaking engagements? This isn’t a dream; it’s a reality for countless speakers who have applied the strategies you’re about to learn.

Monique has helped hundreds of clients from more than 40 countries double, triple and even quadruple their income. Combining her passion for business with her love for speaking, she helps visionaries use their voice as a golden key to success. 

Her mantra is Speak up. Scale up. Impact the World!

If you are brave to jump in, Monique and the whole HeartPowered Business team will help you build and spread your wings, as a speaker, entrepreneur and movement maker. Get ready to spread your message to millions and enjoy the freedom to travel the world while speaking and growing your lifestyle-friendly legacy business.

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